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Honesty  - Accountability - Relationships -  Vulnerability  -  Empathy -  Service  -  Trust


How We Serve


Meaningful Work


Simple Promise Farms is Built Upon the Foundation of Community, Meaningful Work, and Service to support addiction recovery scholarships

Simple Promise Farms is a working farm that supports the development of life skills and the re-discovery of life purpose through farming, animal rescue, and bee keeping.  This creates connection to our community that has been damaged by drugs and alcohol.  All farm profits go towards addiction recovery scholarships.  

We're here to help others live a more connected life through love, compassion, and meaningful work.  Working productively with others becomes the new normal.  Sharing the fruits of our labor for the benefit of others deepens the value of our work.  We work together to build a new life that is healthy and joyous.  


Addicts simply cannot participate in daily life, and this leads to a disintegration of both the self and the addict's communities.  Over time, addiction replaces community as family, friends, and professional relationships disappear.  To reverse the path towards ever increasing isolation, Simple Promise Farms focuses on rebuilding communities that support sobriety.  

As a working farm, we support the development of life skills and the rediscovery of life purpose.  As we care for and train rescue animal, keep bees, or receive donations for our produce, we also rebuild our lost connection to the community. 


Meaningful Work and Service


Farming requires deep connections with ourselves, other people, animals, and the. earth.  Working in the soil and caring for animals, we develop positive life skills and healthy habits.  We complete the tasks of farming, and our self-esteem grows.  We show up each day to care for and sustain life, and our purpose deepens.  We no longer see ourselves as dysfunctional, broken, or weak.  We trust ourselves to see our work through, from start to finish.  

Compassion and empathy for our rescue animals becomes compassion and empathy for ourselves.  Working productively with others becomes our new normal.  Sharing the fruits of our labor for the benefit of others deepens the value of our work.  We build a new life that feels so good, we want to deep doing the work to stay healthy and sober.  

Meaningful Work and Service


The Ranch House Recovery community and volunteers work along side our Simple Promise Farm team to plant, grow, and harvest vegetables.  These veggies are available at local farmers markets.  All proceeds from these donations go to support the farm and to provide scholarships for sober living, mental health and other areas in support of those in recovery.  

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