About Us

Simple Promise Farms (SPF) is a mission-based non-profit that empowers individuals recovering from addiction through meaningful work, service, community and transformative relationships.  


Realizing that long-term addiction recovery and personal transformation comes through dedication, community, and a commitment to serving others, Simple Promise Farms was founded in 2019 by a father whose son battled years of addiction.  


SPF is a working farm located in Elgin, TX at the home of its partner organization, Ranch House Recovery. Through the hard work of growing and selling vegetables, Simple Promise Farms assists people in recovery in building life skills, finding purpose, and orienting themselves towards service to facilitate long term recovery and personal growth.  


Simple Promise Farms cultivates hope, community, and meaningful work for those battling addiction, allowing them to transform their lives and build healthy relationships.




SPF was born of a desire to cultivate change in our community by providing an environment which promotes the idea that through meaningful work, dedication, faith, patience, education, and honesty, people who once suffered from the disease of addiction can learn to co-create a life of meaning and true purpose and thereby triumph over a disorder which sought to destroy them.




Long-Term Recovery Begins with Healthy Relationships

Farming builds the body, character, and connections between people.

Farming requires responsibility and structure to create products and sustain life. As we work together to promote life, we connect to a purpose greater than ourselves. Driven by purpose and life skills, we become healthy people capable of building healthy relationships and healthy communities.


Meet the Team


Brandon Guinn

Executive Director, Founder

Brandon is a former special education teacher and previously started and ran an after school fitness program for children.  He is the owner of Ranch House Recovery, founder of Simple Promise Farms, partner at Rise Electrical Contracting, and family man to 5 children.


Alex Litke

Development Coordinator

Alex has been a board member for another nonprofit organization, RecoveryATX for 3 years. Prior to that, Alex held state-level service positions for Oxford House, Texas South Region. She has been fundraising with different organizations over the years.  
*Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist


Taylor Murchinson

Farm Director

Taylor is a grower by trade and has helped to establish, nurture, and cultivate farms, gardens, and local food infrastructure across the southeastern United States.  He resettled in central Texas in 2012 and continues to develop farms and gardens with a focus on rain water. reclamation and conservation, regenerative soil building, and community access to sustainable food production.


Tori Guinn

Community Relations Coordinator

Tori taught elementary school for 21 years in Austin and volunteered at Simple Promise Farms on her weekends.  She was inspired by their mission so she moved closer to the community and joined the SPF team.  


Kevin is an alumni member from Ranch House Recovery.  He joined the farm in order to continue to have a connection with our community.  He also finds peace and healing working on the farm.

Kevin Sease

Farmer's Market Manager


Board of Directors

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Derek Rowan


265461395_10225537688725314_2838213140652599699_n 2.png

Becca Frederick



Michele Martin

Board Member

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Brandon Guinn

Board Member & Founder


Charles Mitchell

Board Member


Chrissy Cruze

Board Member

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Brent Eastman

Board Member

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Edward Swan

Board Member


Cole Shiflet

Board Member


Matt Miranda

Board Member


Bridgette Hager

Board Member


Les Romo

Board Member


Rachel Wulbert

Board Member