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About Us

About Us

Simple Promise Farms (SPF) is a mission-based non-profit that empowers individuals recovering from addiction through meaningful work, service, community and transformative relationships.  


Realizing that long-term addiction recovery and personal transformation comes through dedication, community, and a commitment to serving others, Simple Promise Farms was founded in 2019 by a father whose son battled years of addiction.  


SPF is a working farm located in Elgin, TX at the home of its partner organization, Ranch House Recovery. Through the hard work of growing and selling vegetables, Simple Promise Farms assists people in recovery in building life skills, finding purpose, and orienting themselves towards service to facilitate long term recovery and personal growth.  


Simple Promise Farms cultivates hope, community, and meaningful work for those battling addiction, allowing them to transform their lives and build healthy relationships.




SPF was born of a desire to cultivate change in our community by providing an environment which promotes the idea that through meaningful work, dedication, faith, patience, education, and honesty, people who once suffered from the disease of addiction can learn to co-create a life of meaning and true purpose and thereby triumph over a disorder which sought to destroy them.




Long-Term Recovery Begins with Healthy Relationships

Farming builds the body, character, and connections between people.

Farming requires responsibility and structure to create products and sustain life. As we work together to promote life, we connect to a purpose greater than ourselves. Driven by purpose and life skills, we become healthy people capable of building healthy relationships and healthy communities.


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Brandon Guinn

Executive Director, Founder


Brandon Guinn, a father, farmer, and teacher, founded an addiction recovery program that blends therapeutic gardening, animal-assisted therapy, and the 12 spiritual principles to offer holistic healing for those affected by addiction.

Brandon is a dedicated advocate for community transformation and recovery. With a passion for service and a heart for grace, Brandon has been an integral part of Simple Promise Farms for over five years. His work at the farm exemplifies his commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.


At Simple Promise Farms, Brandon plays a pivotal role in our mission to provide fresh, nutritious produce to those who need it most. His efforts in cultivating the land and nurturing the community have helped create a sanctuary where individuals in recovery can find purpose, healing, and a path to a brighter future.


Brandon’s dedication to grace and transformation is evident in everything he does. His unwavering belief in the potential for personal and collective growth drives his work at Simple Promise Farms. Through his efforts, Brandon continues to inspire and uplift those around him, fostering a community rooted in compassion and positive change.


Alex has been a board member for another nonprofit organization, RecoveryATX for 3 years. Prior to that, Alex held state-level service positions for Oxford House, Texas South Region. She has been fundraising with different organizations over the years.  

*Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist

Development Coordinator

Alex Litke


Tori Guinn

Community Relations Coordinator

Tori Guinn has a background in elementary education and a passion for gardening. An avid animal lover with 6 dogs, she has helped re-home many dogs in need. At Simple Promise Farms, Tori serves as the Volunteer Coordinator and event planner, overseeing volunteers and organizing community events. Her role is essential to fostering a thriving and compassionate community.


Chris Weber

Assistant Farm Manager

Animals and nature have always been a passion of mine.  Getting to work in an environment that incorporates both as well as connecting other people is nothing short of amazing.  My role here is to provide care for our animals and help instill new and healthy values into our residents through connection with the animals and in the garden.  I hope to make an impact on the lives of our clients by showing them the importance of the little things in life and that there is a way to find joy in everything you do. Outside of work I enjoy going to heavy metal shows, nature photography, camping and gaming. I'm a huge lover of the outdoors and will never say no to an adventure.  I am a person in recovery.


Dallis Lofton

Farm Manager

Dallis recently completed a program through Farm Share Austin and enjoys filling her life with time in the garden.  She appreciates the opportunity to interact with people and play a small part in their journey of healing through cultivation. 

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
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