Simple Promise Farms

Cultivating community for addiction recovery

Empowering individuals in recovery through meaningful work and transformative community.

What We Do

Our core programs are:

Simple Promise Farms

Our working farm supports people in recovery in building life skills, refinding purpose, and orienting themselves towards service.

Simple Promise Auto

We fix up and donate cars to people who are active in the recovery community.

Simple Promise Rescue

 Our animal adoption and rescue program promotes healing relationships for both animal and those in the recovery community.

Simple Promise Scholarships

Help build community for those in need. Coming Soon!

The Opposite of Addiction is Connection

Our Therapies Create Connection

Ranch House Recovery Partnership

We partner with a community-driven residential program.

Community Building Activities

Teamwork through farm work, animal assisted therapy, & community participation.

A Peer to Peer Recovery Program

Post-treatment, sobriety is maintained by working with others in recovery. Holding your peers accountable, being a member of a community, joining a fellowship with a common goal — these are the keys to leading a functional and rewarding life. Our community-building program sets recovering addicts up with the habit of seeking and giving support for long-term sobriety.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Our therapies build community and character


Caring for bees, and making and selling honey products to support self-esteem, life skills, and community.

Therapeutic Farming

Working with the earth and the animals to develop life skills.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Caring for abused, neglected, and abandoned animals to practice responsibility, love, and care.

Fitness & Wellness

Exercise helps the body and brain heal faster and reduces anxiety and stress.

Our guiding principles for developing healthy connections.




Knowing and accepting our genuine self to be free from external pressure.


Practicing insightful understanding to build healthy relationships.


Developing personal discipline and community responsibility.


Working toward common goals to support pride, growth, and achievement.


Embracing transparency and reality for transformative personal healing.

Who We Are

Through living a sober life or supporting loved ones in recovery work, we’ve connected. We’re here to help you live a more connected, more peaceful, and more free life.

Meet Our Leadership

We’re here to help you live a more connected, more peaceful, and more free life.