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Cultivating Hope for Long-Term Recovery

Simple Promise Farms is a working farm located in Elgin, TX . We believe our active, community driven environment creates an attitude of responsibility supporting individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.  The profits from our farm provide scholarships for individuals seeking to make a positive life change. We assist with costs associated with sober living, mental health, community events and trips put together to support the central Texas recovery community.

Come along side us and help us be a voice for change. Reach out to learn how to become a partner and  be part of the Simple Promise Community.



As vegetables depend on an abundant community of micro-life in the soil, long-term recovery depends on an abundant community. SPF provides volunteer opportunities, a chance to build supportive relationships, and community connection for people to build relationships that bolster long-term recovery and transform the stigmas of addiction.



A seed knows its purpose - to grow, make flowers, set seeds. When you know you're purpose, it's easy to grow. People battling addiction often lose their deep sense of purpose and struggle to grow. SPF provides volunteer and employment opportunities for the recovery community to rediscover their purpose and self-worth through meaningful work. 



A farm works through people giving abundantly to plants, and plants giving abundantly in return. SPF provides the opportunity for people in recovery to rediscover their self-worth by giving abundantly through meaningful work and service.  All proceeds to the farm go towards addiction recovery and back into the farm.   

Meet us at the Market

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Need some fresh veggies and want to support men and women in recovery?  Meet us on Sundays from 10:00-2:00 at the Mueller Farmers Market to stock up on your weekly groceries and to connect with your community.  We look forward to seeing you on Sunday! 


2006 Philomena Street        Austin  78723

TFM Lakeline.png

Need some fresh veggies and want to support men and women in recovery?  Meet us on Saturdays from 9:00-1:00 at the Lakeline Farmers Market to stock up on your weekly groceries and to connect with your community.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday! 


11200 Lakeline Mall        Cedar Park  78613

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Enjoy a trip to Barton Creek Mall and swing by the Barton Creek Farmers Market for your weekly veggies.  We can't wait to say hello and help you find some yummy produce or live plants for you to grow in your own garden.  See you on Saturday from 9:00-1:00!

2901 S Capital of Tx Hwy         Austin 78746



Ranch House Recovery and Simple Promise Farms are working to not only get sober but also stay sober.

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Texas father, son build farm-model drug treatment center in effort to help with long-term sobriety


Simple Promise Farms at Good Shepherd Market

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Sober Program Focuses on Farming, Brotherhood

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Meet us at the Market



"Simple Promise Farms brings nutrition and healthy eating into people's homes.  For me, though, this community and farm helped save my life."

Alex Galow, Ranch House Recovery Alumni & Simple Promise Farms Volunteer


"My experience in treatment would not have been the same without working on the farm. It has changed how I view my body, the choices that I make to stay healthy, and how I want to live my life. Sharing my story and working side-by-side with the community has helped me with my recovery and will, hopefully, help someone else."

Tim Templeton, Ranch House Recovery Alumni & Simple Promise Farms Volunteer


"Simple Promise Farms is a great place for community and opportunity.  This place has given me so much and shown me different ways to connect with the land, nature, and people.  I love being able to give back and share what I have learned here.  This place is all love."

Chris Weber, Ranch House Recovery Alumni and Employee & Simple Promise Farms Volunteer

"Very simply, I find peace and joy and connection when I'm out on the farm and in the garden. Not just the physical connection to the earth and the food that I put into my body, but also to the community that exists around the farm.


When I look deeper, I see so many similarities between growing vegetables and growing in sobriety. There's a whole lot of work that needs to be done before a seed is planted. Once sprouted, it needs regular care and maintenance before it ever bears fruit. Similarly, sobriety needs a strong foundation and regular attention.

Simple Promise Farms and Ranch House Recovery have given me hope and purpose. I am so very grateful."

Kevin Sease, Ranch House Recovery Alumni and Simple Promise Farms Employee

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