“Be hardworking, character-driven, and servant-hearted. Take care of people. Love people.”

Chad Goldwasser is a Board Member of Simple Promise Farms. He believes you can succeed at long-term sobriety if you do the work and give back. Chad knows this first hand, because he’s faced with the choice of doing the work everyday. And everyday he chooses to find ways to help people.

Long-term sobriety requires making positive choices everyday.

Chad lives a sober life, and believes that he stays positive and productive by consciously managing his attitude and energy. He believes the root of his long-term sobriety is in doing the work and helping others along the way.

He chooses to do the work.

As an author, professional speaker, and high-level real estate professional, Chad brings a wealth of experience and positive energy to the board of Simple Promise Farms.

He chooses to give back to the community.

Chad’s mentorship and guidance is invaluable to building the Simple Promise Farms community. As a role model, and a highly regarded community leader, Chad will help transform lives through work and positive community building.

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