Support a lifetime of sobriety.

Help young men gain life skills, build healthy communities, and enjoy a fulfilling life. As a Simple Promise Provider, your monthly gift supports a peer to peer program that leads to long-term recovery.

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40-60% of people recovering from addiction relapse.

When you join Simple Promise Providers, you help reduce the number of young men who relapse. Our therapies build resilience and create a sense of connection and purpose.

Our residents develop loving and responsible relationships by caring for abused, neglected, and abandoned animals. Your $10 monthly gift can buy food to keep our rescue animals fed.

Through therapeutic farming, our residents develop a work ethic, teamwork skills, and heal from trauma. Your $25 monthly gift can ensure we have seeds and the right farm tools to keep the farm thriving.

Caring for bees helps our residents build self-esteem, life skills, and community. Your $50 monthly gift can buy the jars, labels, and supplies we need to produce and sell local honey.

Our Ranch House Recovery program offers sober living after detox. Your $100 monthly gift can give one month of sober living to young men exiting drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Support Long-term Sobriety.

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